Walk with Jesus!
The Lord God has given me the tongue of a teacher, that I may
know how to sustain the weary with a word.
                                    Isaiah 50:4 (NRSV)
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Come Lord Jesus
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Come Lord Jesus is a non-profit organization using
this website as a tool to spread the Word and Love of
God to all communities.  

You have been directed to this site because you are
searching.  Searching for the Word or Searching for
others to share in the Word!

Our Mission is simple:  
Share God and Serve God!   
By visiting this site you will Come to know Jesus
because the Lord Jesus already knows you and
knows what you are needing.  Happiness is a great
thing to share.  Sadness is a great burden to b
alone.  If you would like to share either please go to
our prayer / praise page and fill out the request form.

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The family at Come Lord Jesus wants to share with
you inspirational thoughts, which could be used as a
stand alone devotional or visit us daily for daily
inspirational thoughts.
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We are always adding new Christian Graphics.  You
can use these Christian Graphics for free.  All
graphics have been design by me or a family
member and are royalty free.
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If you a have a special prayer request we now have a
form that you can fill out and we will place your
request on the Prayer Page.
Click here for prayer request form
Click here for prayer page

We also have a recipe page.  We are always adding
to this page and if you would like to add a recipe
please email: bgraham@ComeLordJesus.org
Click here for recipe page

We thank Our God Everyday for blessing us in such a
way that we can offer this website to others.  We
always enjoy sharing.  If you would like to contribute
please email us.  Everyone in God's kingdom is
email:  bgraham@ComeLordJesus.org
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