Come Lord Jesus    February 8, 2006
Inspirational Thoughts
1 Thessalonians 5:18                
Where's the snow?
1 Thessalonians 5:18

In everything give thanks for this is
the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Little boys with dropping chins, red rimmed eyes, hands in their
pockets and trembling lips can even make the toughest old crows feel
sorry for them.  I should know it happens daily to me.

In my sleep, this morning, I was roused by four eyes glaring sadly at
me.  One grief stricken little boy and an indifferent teddy bear.

“What’s wrong?” I mentally drug myself out of a deep sleep.

“Nothin.” He said and wiped his nose with his pajama sleeve.

“Then go back to bed.”

“I can’t” he sniffed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothin.”  his bottom lip quivered and his big brown eyes blinked
back tears.

I started to tell him to go back to bed  but it doesn’t take rocket
science to figure out little boys and conversation.

His father started to plead with him, “Please tell mom what’s wrong
so we can all go to sleep.”  

I am not sure how my husband’s words translated
to, “crawl in bed
with us.”  But
 he bounded over the top of me  and landed in the
middle of the bed
shuffling and pulling on covers.

prayed last night mom.” he stated.

“Yes, I know I was there.”

“I prayed for snow Mom.”


“It didn’t snow Mom.”

“It didn’t?”

“No, Mom it didn’t.”  A short pause because I really didn’t think
anything needed to be said.

“Mom, I don’t think God listens to me.”

“What?” an incredulous father
quickly flipped over in bed meeting the
young man face to face

“God would have sent snow if H
e had listen.”

I quickly went through all of the reasons why God might not listen to a
sweet little boy, I even came close to telling him that God didn’t have
his hearing aid on, but where was that going to get me,
except for a
zillion questions about what kind of hearing aid, does it look like
grandmas, but
certainly not back to sleep.

Then his father answered
oh so slowly, “Son, did you ask God to
send the snow on February 8
th, 2006?”

“Did I need to?”

“Son, if you want God to answer a specific prayer at a specific time
you have to ask specifically.”

“Oh, okay Dad.  Can I ask for snow
on February 9th, 2006?”

Later in the day a little boy with a grin from ear to ear came bounding
into the house, “I’m sure glad God didn’t send snow today.”

“Why?”  I inquired

“If he had then I couldn’t have played on the swings at recess
watched that smarty pants Timmy fall into a puddle
.  It was grrreat! A
smiling boy took a cookie from the cookie jar and went off to tell his
big brother about smarty pants Timmy.

We are all

want our prayers to be answered on our time line and in our way.  
Forgetting that God might have a different will than our own.  We
need to learn to be thankful for  everything good and bad that God
has given us.  God is a loving Father and just like my husband and I
can’t give the kids everything God can’t give us everything we want.
This is called the gift of ‘NO’ and God is to be thanked for this also.  
Sometimes the gift of ‘no’ ends up being better in the long run, just
like getting to swing at recess.

Prayer: Father, God Almighty, I call on YOU to listen to my prayer, I
want to thank YOU for the wonderful things that you do for me.  As
hard as it is to say, I want thank You for telling me “NO”.   You know
my needs.  You know the needs of my family. Things that I don’t even
know to ask for.  It is because of Your Wisdom and love that I have
been blessed.  Forgive me for the times that I argue with You and I
am selfish.  I ask that you would supply my needs and help with our
financial affairs.  I ask that you would help me and my family to
become debt free in 2006.  I do not like living on credit and like so
many families I see us going deeper and deeper into debt.  Give us
the wisdom and the resources to over come this in 2006.  I would ask
that You would also help me share the wisdom and the resources so
that others could benefit also.  Thank you for my family and for all
creatures great and small You have blessed us!  In the Great and
Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ I pray!  Amen!