Come Lord Jesus                February 7, 2006
Mathew 4:10
I am a fighter!
Jesus said to him, “ Away from me s.a.tan;  
For it is written ‘Worship the Lord Your God
and serve Him only.’ ”  Mathew 4:10

Groan, groan, groan, ache, ache, ache.  Head goes throb, throb, throb.  Throat
goes, burn, burn, burn,  Nose goes run, run, run.  I have no energy and I pray that
there is no way that the flu can be transferred over the internet.  Yes I have been
bitten by the bug along with several other members of the family.  

If  I had I taken the proper precaution of sanitizing the house, making sure everyone
washed their hands with soap and perhaps had the flu shot I wouldn’t have to fight
so hard to get rid of it.  When the first family member started showing signs of the flu
I went into high gear scrubbing everything with antibacterial soap and bleach. I burnt
air cleansing candles and even called to see if it was to late to get the flu shot.  To
no avail the nasty flu bug did not leave my house.  As strong as I am, a small,  
insignificant, microscopic germ, got into my house and not only took me down but a
six-foot two hundred pound husband, a hefty sixteen year old, one rowdy five year
and apparently a fierce puppy.  (He's just moping because everyone is sick.)

As insignificant as evil is it just like that germ. You are positive that it won’t get you
and when it does you scramble as hard and fast as you can to run it out.   We do
not always take the proper steps of worshiping and serving God  on a daily basis
asking Him to help us fight our daily battles.   

If a microscopic organism can get to me and my family without any notice just think
how s.a.tan is laughing to himself every time we disobey God and His
commandments.  Once the evil takes hold it is hard to shake.  Miss one Sunday of
church, miss one day of devotion miss one opportunity to pray and it becomes
easier to miss the next time.

It is when you are brought to the ground that it becomes evident that even the
strongest MUST have God.  Even Jesus turned to His Father at the worst of times.  
If I would do as I am commanded “Worship the Lord Your God and serve Him only.”
my house, my sanctuary would be free of evil and I would not have to back track
and fight an even harder battle.  

Dearest Father, only You can truly put evil behind me.  I ask that You
would surround me, my family and friends with Your Love and protect
us from evil.  Help me teach my family and friends to joyfully worship
and serve only YOU!  YOUR Name is to be Praised!  All Glory be to the
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!  Amen.