Come Lord Jesus                February 5, 2006
John 21:21-23
February 5, 2006 Inspirational thought for the day.

John 21:21-23

Then Jesus said to them again, Peace to you!  As the Father has sent me
forth, so I am sending you.  And having said this, He breathed on them and
said to them, Receive the Holy Spirit! [Now having received the Holy spirit
and being led and directed by Him] if you forgive the sins of anyone, they
are forgiven; if you retain the sins of anyone, they are retained.

What is God’s stance on stupidity?

One of a mother’s many tasks is taxi driver.  This is a chore, that when I was
expecting my first child, heard mothers talk about.  As a young naive mother I
really couldn’t imagine how they had let their lives get that out of control to
become chauffeur to a pack of ten years.  And yet my life has come to the same
inevitable conclusion, when they call I ask “How long?  What time? Where?”    

After a long day at work I hadn’t noticed that our sixteen year old wasn’t home
yet.  It was six p.m. and everyone was starving.  I was just doing my best to toss
together a salad and a quick hamburger noodle dish on the top of the stove.  I
was tired and hunger.  So was everyone else.  Then the phone rang.  “Where
are you?”  My 16-year-old son question.  

“I’m here where are you?”  I questioned while slopping a can of tomatoes into my
noodle concoction.  

“You were suppose to have been here ten minutes ago.  I had tutoring after

“Your dad can pick you up in about 20 minutes on his way home from work.”  I

“The teacher wants to leave now!  He’s already waited, I don’t think ...”

“Oh, that’s your problem, you don’t think!” I cut him off in mid sentence and
started screaming at the others to, “Get on your coats and get in the

“Mom I don’t see ...”  

I cut him off again, “I’m on my way!”  I slammed down the phone and in anger got
everyone else in the van.  It was really no one’s fault but my own that I had
forgotten but it was already cold and dark outside and I truly just wanted to stay
in and stay warm.  (Did I forget to mention that there is a sensor out on my van
and there’s no heat.)

I was only half way down the block when I noticed a small white car tailing just a
little to closely.  My anger now  turned to road rage!  “You just need to slow
down.”  I hatefully told the guy in the car behind me as I slowed down to 20 miles
per hour.  “You think you’re going to pass me.”  I said while I maneuvered the
van to the middle of the road.

“Ha! I win.” I was doing the victory dance.

     ALL AT ONCE...
             OUT OF NO WHERE ...
                               A PERSON APPEARED,
                                       AT THE SIDE OF THE ROAD
                                                               WEARING BLACK!         

Because of my anger I had slowed the van down to about ten miles an hour and
had moved it to the center of the road.  And because of my anger I had slowed
the white car down to ten miles and hour and he too was driving in the middle of
the road.  Avoiding a fatal accident.

Now, I ask again.  What is God’s stance one stupidity?

The person in the road should not have been wearing black nor even  been on
that particular side of the road, but God knew this and God saved his life.  We
need to forgive and ask for forgiveness.  Jesus saved the man on the side of the
road, Jesus saved me, my family and the person in the white car.

Thank you Father for the many unknown blessings that You give us everyday.  
The many times that You have steered us away from evil and protected us
without our knowing.  Your Love is unmeasurable!  I ask that you would forgive
me for the anger that builds up from my hectic life style.  I also ask that You
would fill my heart with Your LOVE so that I can forgive. I ask that I can follow
YOUR ways and be an example for others.  In YOUR GREAT and WONDERFUL
NAME, I ask that YOUR WILL BE DONE!  Amen!