January 30, 2006                Come Lord Jesus
Daily  Inspirations
Genesis 1:3                     Cause and Effect
Genesis 1:3
And God said, “Let there be light: and there was light.”

Today my youngest son and I were playing a word game finding
every letter of the alphabet on signs as we drove down the
highway.  We had been looking for the letter ‘Q’ for quite some
time when all at once he said, “Let’s pray for a Q’.”

“Oh, no honey let’s not bother God with something so silly and

“But Mom, God can do anything.  It would be no trouble for Him
at all to give us the letter ‘Q’.”

I thought for a moment and realized that God could give us the
letter ‘Q’ out of nothing we just needed to ask.  It is really hard
to ask God to help with the small things because of the old
“cause and effect” mentality.  I am asking for something small
and meaningless causing God to do unnecessary work (for
instance look for the letter ‘Q’) with the effect of who knows
what!  I did not consider that God did not have to look for a sign
with the letter ‘Q’ on it.  God made light with His Words, why
would He need to do anything other than utter “Let there be...”.

Knowing that God takes care of the smallest of things leaves me
no doubt that God handles the big things! This is an exercise that
I must do daily - taking the smallest things to Him so that I will
not hesitate to bring the big things to HIM.

Dearest Father, Your Almighty Name I PRAISE!  I thank You for
Your blessings! I ask Your forgiveness for not taking all of my
burdens, big or small, to YOU.  I ask Your forgiveness for the
many thoughtless things that I do daily.  Let Your Spirit enter my
heart and body so that I can walk in Your ways.  In Your Holy
Name I pray, Amen.
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