January 27, 2006                Come Lord Jesus
Daily  Inspirations
Colossians 3:23                        How's my job?
Whatever you do, work at it with all
your heart, as working for the Lord,
not for men.  Colossians 3:23

My dad always said, “If it’s a job worth doing, then it’s worth
doing right, remember you’re working for the Lord not me.”

I was in a highschool sewing class, I believe that it is now called
something more like “Beginning Couture” or some other fancy-
smancy name like that, me and the twelve other girls in the class
couldn’t wait to start to work on our class sewing projects.  We
had bought the beginning tool chest that had scissors, pins, tape
measure, and all of the small accessories that would be needed
for beginning sewing as well as the fabric and pattern.  The
teacher had explained about pattern layout and then let us loose
to sew.   I tediously placed all of the new 100 pins that had been
purchased for the class into the five pattern pieces that would
soon be my new top. The hard work that followed in cutting and
pinning the fabric together was just the wind I needed beneath
my wings, I new I would soon be the new Patty Palmer.  Then it
was finally time to actually use the sewing machine.  My
excitement soon died because with every two seams I made I
had to take out one.  The teacher was soon scolding me about
the pattern being to hard and to just leave in the mistakes, “No
one will see them.”  

I continued to take out each wrong stitch and then re-sew.  
Sometimes with much frustration.  During one of my most
frustrated moments the teacher asked, “Why do you continue to
take out the stitches, I told you to leave the mistakes no one but
you and me will know there.”

I simply answered her while I continued taking out the wrong
stitches, “My dad always says, ‘If it’s a job worth doing, then it’s
worth doing right, remember you’re working for the Lord not
me’.”  The teacher nodded in agreement and quietly walked

Dear Heavenly Father, be in my heart always so that I may be a
happy worker for You no matter how insignificant the chore.  
Forgive me for the times that I have not given my best for You or
my employer.    Let my work be a monument of Praise and Love
to You.  Praise be Your Name!  Amen.