January 26, 2006        Inspirational Thoughts
Come Lord Jesus

Hebrews 12:2        
Perfect Faith
Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author
and perfecter of our faith...
                       Hebrews 12:2

It probably goes without saying that at times there are some very
heated debates at our house about what is or is not Christian. One
of these famous debates was over me being a racist.  Somehow my
misguided family had come to believe that I do not treat the cat and
the dog on the same level.  It seems as though they think that
animals have a bill of rights and that they should be treated as
equals.  I, on the other hand, believe that the dog out weighs the
cat by about 45 pounds and does not have the right to walk all over
my furniture let alone sleep on it.  It  just appears that the cat is
treated with  favoritism when in fact she just weighs less and likes
to purr sweetly, the dog barks very loud and must go outside when
this occurs.  Anyhow as the debate grew more heated with them
harshly telling me things like "The cat gets its own litter box and the
dog has to go out doors in the cold."  Frankly they kept throwing
things up in my face about being a racist and actually they were
starting to make me believe that they could be right so I had no
alternative but to say, “So, I'm not perfect, Jesus Christ was the
only perfect Christian to walk the face of the earth ”

A house full of stunned faces looked at me as though I slapped
them in the face and then yelled a profanity at them.  

My husband then spoke up, “Ya, right.  Jesus Christ was Jewish.

We fix our mind and our hearts that Jesus was a Christian.  We get
so wrapped up in the religion part that we forget the spiritual part.  
No one denomination will get us to the Kingdom of God.  Only faith
in Jesus Christ, One with the Father, God Almighty will   the keys to
the kingdom be given to us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author
and perfecter of our faith.

Almighty God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I praise Your Name and
Your Word.  Let me keep my heart and mind focused on You so
that I can come to know perfect faith in You.  Forgive me for the
times that I have wondered from You and I thank You for the
blessing of gently leading me back to You.  I ask that you would
show this servant, of Yours, the paths I am to follow.   I would also
ask that I would do no harm to anyone that I would only bring Your
perfect faith and love into the hearts of others.  In Your name I pray,