January 25, 2006
Come Lord Jesus
Psalm 63:1
O God, you are my God, earnestly  I seek You ...
                    Psalm 63:1

"Be a leader not a follower!"  I preach this on a daily basis to my
kids.  I think they are slowly getting what I mean.  

When my oldest daughter was in high school a young man, named
Cody, had physical and mental disabilities.  It was not uncommon
to hear the other kids jeering at Cody.  Cody just liked it because it
was attention no matter how negative.   Daily I picked my daughter
up from school and I always parked in the same  area.   One day
Cody wondered over to the van and let himself in. "I ready go mom."

"Oh, Cody honey, I'm not your mom.  You've got the wrong van."  
He looked around in amazement and about that time my daughter
started to get in the van.  I must say I was expecting her to scold
Cody for being in the wrong van and of course I had my guns
loaded ready to jump all over her for being hateful.  

When she said, "Cody, I know you really like my family, but your
mom is going to miss you.  Let me help you over to your van."  

She gently held Cody's hand, helped him out of the van, picked up
his backpack and started to guide him to his mother's van.  All the
while listening to the nasty jeers from the other boys, "Cody can't
you even get the right van!"

I was getting out of the van to go speak to the ugly young
gentlemen when out of my daughters mouth came, "Be a leader
not a follower!  Seek God in everything.  I don't think Jesus would
be treating Cody that way.  Get over here and apologize!"

In my mind I was screaming "At-a-girl!"  as I watched four boys
apologize and help carry Cody's things to his mom's van.

Never again did I hear those particular boys jeer at Cody.

However, Cody continued to daily get in my van not his mothers.
Daily four boys would help Cody to his mom's van and daily I would
hear Cody say,
                    "I sure like the way Jesus acts."

O, God you are my God and I earnestly seek you ... if we could live
each part of our life constantly seeking God we would not be
jeering or sneering about how things work out.

Dearest Heavenly Father,  I Glorify YOUR HOLY NAME, I Praise
YOU, and Adore YOU.  Forgive me for the times that I have been a
follower not a leader.  I ask that when I am placed in the role as
leader that I would have the courage to seek Your will and to do
what Jesus would do.  Thank YOU for the many blessings that you
have given me, especially a family that seeks YOU Almighty GOD!