January 22, 2006
Come Lord Jesus
Isaiah 56:7b
My house will be called a house of prayer for all
                           Isaiah 56:7b

Praise the Lord it is Sunday again!  Praise the Lord for getting to
sleep late and having a late breakfast and drinking coffee and
running around in my pj's and slippers and getting to read the
newspaper.  I say praise the Lord!  Just to bad that I don't get to
do that today.  

We live in a 24/7 world always at a dead run.  All of us wishing
that it was 24/7-1 and the -1 is the day that we call our own.

God has given a us a -1 day, a day that is all our own, it's called
Sunday.  If we would just take advantage of all the wonderful
things that Sunday's have to offer.  Go to church today and find
out what God has to say to you, I think you'll be amazed how the
other six days will turn out.  

If you are one of the many that work on Sunday, remember God's
house is a place of prayer for all nations. God didn't say it was a
place of prayer only on Sunday.  Set aside a day of the week that
you can devote to prayer and you too will be surprised about the
out come of the other six days.  

Great God again I Praise Your Name and the time You set aside
for me to hear your word and to pray.  Help me to make the most
of the this time, no matter the day of week.  Forgive me for thinking
that the rest of my time is to precious to spend in meditation of
your word. It is a selfish act and I should be punished.  Guide me
to Your Word daily and help me be the motivator that encourages
people to spend time in Your House of Prayer.  Amen