January 21, 2006
Come Lord Jesus
2 Thessalonians 3:3
But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen and
protect you from the evil one.       
                         2 Thessalonians 3:3

Every morning, of every day of the week, I have the
exact same ritual, make coffee, turn on the morning
news, get a bowl of cereal, get a cup of coffee, sit
down in front of the television, and wait to see who
blew-up what.

Evil is everywhere in our society.  Anytime that the
lights flicker or the television loses satellite feed, it
goes through my mind, "Is this the day that they have
decided to nuke the world."  then I wait a moment or
two listening for the great trumpets of God.  Then in
great disappointment I go back to my work.  Someday
I will not be disappointed.

God is with us constantly He knows our fears and only
through Him can we find strength.  No matter what the
nightly news or the president himself says, God is our
only PROTECTOR  and  as we keep pushing Him out
of our public places they become more dangerous.  
Keep God in your life, keep God in your home, keep
God in your schools, let Him be your strength and

FATHER ALMIGHTY, I call on YOUR Great Name to
be our strength and our protection.  Only YOU know
what the evil one has in mind and I call on YOU in
YOUR greatness to stomp out
his evil.  Enter the hearts
of YOUR Believers so that they will hold firm and not
let YOUR Word or Name be taken from the public.  
Forgive us when we do not take action.  All we can do
is ask that YOU would remind us that You are our
STRENGTH and that in YOU we will find
PROTECTION and with YOU act with courage!  To
YOUR NAME be the GLORY.  Amen.