January 20, 2006
Come Lord Jesus
Romans 12:6
We have gifts that differ according to the grace
given to us.  Romans 12:6

I think this is what my sixteen-year-old son is thinking:

“No one understands me.  No one gets what I’m thinking or
why I am thinking it. I get really tired of people saying ‘You
think you’re so special that you don’t have to do your
homework.’ Perhaps they’re not thinking, perhaps I am that
special, perhaps I really don’t need to do my homework,
maybe I just need the freedom to express myself in my art.”

I know this is what I am thinking:

“You are so smart you can do anything you want.  You are so
young don’t waste all of those good brain cells on video
games.  Pay attention to what and how you say it maybe that
is why no one understands you.  Maybe your to busy being
angry about people not getting what you’re thinking or why
you’re thinking it.  Relax you have so many gifts take time and
develop them, but you have to have the basics first.  If you
can’t do the math then you certainly can’t get the beat of the
music.  If you can’t get the grammar then you certainly can’t
read the script.  If you can’t do the chemistry then the paint
won’t mix correctly.  

Believe it or not God has given each of us an abundance of
gifts but God in His Wisdom knows that if we do not
understand the basis of our gifts then we will never be able to
share them with Him and His Kingdom. God wants what is
best for His children and He daily understands our desire to
express ourselves and share our gifts.  Even if our earthly
parents don’t understand us, or listen to us, God is there and

Dear GOD, YOU are above all.  YOU are the GREATEST
Artist and I magnify Your Holy Name and Your Holy Work!  
Please forgive me for the times that I get caught up in why no
one understands me, give me the insight to understand
myself.  The victory will be in expressing Your Love in ways to
bring others into Your Kingdom.  I thank you for the many
wonderful talents and gifts you have given me.  Keep me in
your ways so that I might share them to Glorify YOU and