January 19, 2006
Come Lord Jesus
Romans 6:4
Walk in newness of life.
                               Romans 6:4

What is the deal?  No one in this household can clean up the
kitchen dishes.  They cook, they eat, they put dirty dishes on
the counter.  Not one can go in the sink let alone the

Everyday when I make the realization that they have done it
to me again, I start carrying on ranting and raving, "If you eat
you clean!"  

Everyday I want to believe that someone hears me and will
clean up the dishes and on occasion a glass or a dish will be
put in the dishwasher.   I will never stop clinging to that hope
that one day I will walk in find a sparkling clean kitchen.

Jesus never stops clinging to the hope that we will turn our
lives over to Him completely.  Everyday is a new day and
with each day is a newness in our life.  

Let this be the new day that we give it all to Jesus!

Dearest Jesus, we praise YOUR name above all names.  In
this selfish world we forget to give ourselves to YOU.  We
take and take but forget to give, please forgive us for this
and walk with us so that we will see the newness of YOUR
Love minute by minute.  Help us to share YOUR great Love.  
In Your Great and Mighty Name I pray.  Amen.