January 15,  2006
Come Lord Jesus
You shall have no other gods before ME!  
                           Exodus 20:3

Praise the Lord!  It's Sunday.  Are you going to worship
service this morning?  Or is there something that you are
placing before God?    

The first commandment is the foundation of the rest of the
commandments.  Its purpose is not fear, but love that
grows out of a pure heart.  

When our faith is in God and we love Him - having a clear
conscience because in Christ our sins are forgiven - sins
that are festering in our heart and life are washed clean
through the blood of Jesus.  Because God, in Christ, has
redeemed us, forgiven us, and cleansed us ~ through
baptism ~ we are purified children of God.  Go and listen
to the WORD today, go and take part in Holy Communion
renew yourself in God's love.

Father, we give thanks for this great and wonderful day!  
We thank you for Your Son, Jesus, who has enabled us
to know Your love without reservation.  Please send the
Holy Spirit to be in the hearts of those who have yet
acknowledged Your Love.  We ask that you would send
the right person in their life to help bring them into YOUR