January 13, 2006
Come Lord Jesus
Your brother was dead and is alive again, and was
lost and is found.
                                        Luke 15:32

I can't wait to leave this burg!  I advertised this
message all over my high school senior class.  I
am going to be rich and famous someday and I
am never going to recognize that this place exists.  
I left, and my fame was only at the local
convenience store.  
One day I had a three year old and I realized that
we were in a place of strangers and that I really
didn't want my kids to grow up in this jungle.
So, home I went to a loving mother and father that
held their door wide open to me and my family.  
Their love never changed, they were just waiting
for me to change.  

Sometimes we wonder away from God,
sometimes we run away from God but He is a
loving Father that never closes the door.  His love
is there we just have to come to terms with His

Father, I know many people that wander
sometimes I even get off the path. I ask that you
would protect me during those times and send the
people into my life that will help me find my way.  
More so, if I am a person to help someone lost
give me the wisdom to understand and to lead
them in YOUR Ways!  Amen.


It's never to soon to come home to God!
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