January 11, 2006
Come Lord Jesus
Happy Birthday
What A JOY
For us there is one God, the Father, from whom all
things came and for whom we live.
                        Corinthians 8:4-6

For some reason I have found it very hard to find my
motivation the last couple of days.  It's a new year with
all of the resolutions, but yet they all seem empty.  
Perhaps  I forgot to ask God what my resolutions
should be for the year.  The most important thing that I
could do for the new year and I didn't ask God to help.
Instead of beating myself up I need to learn to include
God in all of my activities.  The joy that I receive when I
include God is limitless.  I want you to know that joy too!

Dear Father, help us experience your closeness let us
accept that we need to call on You as we begin each
new activity.  Let us feel the joy of YOU in our life!

If you have any concerns or prayer request please
email me at bgraham@COMELORDJESUS.org

God's Blessings this day!
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