January 10, 2006
Come Lord Jesus
Therefore I have lent him to the Lord; as long
as he lives, he is given to the Lord.
1 Samuel 1:28

Hanna lent to God what God had lent her.  Everything we are
and everything we have is a loan from the heavenly Father.  
We need to take these precious gifts and do what God
commands us to do with them.  Use your talents and gifts
faithfully in the service of God.

Gracious God, we praise YOUR name!  The gifts that you
give us are abundant and we thank YOU for them!  Teach us
to be better stewards of your gifts.  Amen!

News not posted for all to see.  Keep Watch!
Police raid headquarters of Israel-secession group

Hundreds of cops sweep into settlement ahead of call to
create own sovereignty

Posted: January 8, 2006
3:45 p.m. Eastern
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