About Us
Come Lord Jesus .org
We are just plain folk that want to share the best thing in our
life, God!  We have a passel of kids and live in the Ozarks.  
We know the importance of a raising a Christian family but we
also know it is very hard.

Currently we are working on a set of Christian books for
children.  The first in the series is:
You Can't Pray in School - Can You?
In this book a young child moves from a church school to a
public school.  She has been warned by everyone that you
can't pray at school.  However, she soon finds out things are
not always what they seem.

To find out more about the book and its availability please
e-mail us at:  

Keep watching the website for more titles as they come
I am also a Christian quilter.  Hop on over to mjquilt.org if you
would like to see the quilt patterns and fabrics that are

Hearts of the Blue and Gray can also be found at mjquilt.org
. This is a series of Christian quilt patterns and novels about
a family during the Civil War.  
To find out more visit
mjquilt.org or send e-mail to:  
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